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Working from home

Internal policy documents in
one place, not all over the place.

Create, share and manage all your company information from one place so they’re easy to find whenever your employees need them.

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The policy management platform for the Instagram generation

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The way we communicate has changed. Not only in our personal lives but also in our professional ones.


In this new age of emojis, images, videos, likes, swipes and shares all on mobile phones you need a new, more effective way to manage and communicate your policies. 

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Working together on a single policy document is easy with Flipchart. Create interactive documents and add images, videos and other digital content to give your employees a truly immersive experience.


One-click is all you need to instantly share your policies with your entire company. Search your policy library and get notifications when policies are updated.


Well, no one just reads anymore. They share, like, comment, watch and occasionally read. Flipchart gives your readers the ability to suggest content, provide feedback, share ideas and create a connection.


Understand how your policies are working and how engaged your employees are. Dashboards provide real-time visibility and ways to improve your policies and procedures.

Why you need a policy management system


All in one place

Finding important company information can be challenging and frustrating. Create, manage and share your policies in one location, and make searching easy and stress-free for your employees.

Employee attestation

Protecting your business and your employees requires you and them to be compliant with company policies. Track employee attestation (fancy word for agreement :-) ) against all your policies.

Reduce your exposure to risk

Well maintained policy documents set out the responsibilities for both employees and the employer to help avoid costly non-compliance issues and employee tribunals.

Greater operational efficiencies

Policy management software can help your organisation run like a well-oiled machine. Making sure everyone is working from the same script means less friction in the everyday running of your business. 

Create and manage everything in one place

Managing policy documents can be a nightmare and a waste of your precious time. Track changes, version control, uploading, downloading and emailing is so old school.

Luckily there is a better way to manage your internal policies. A centralised platform with all the features you need to make light work of managing your policies including notifications, publication, compliance and reporting.  


One-click is all you need to instantly update everyone

Flipchart makes it easy to keep your employees up to date with the very latest information so they never miss an important policy update again.

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Employee compliance & attestation protects everyone

Compliance is a challenge for businesses of all sizes and industries. Creating and sharing policy documents is just one part of the challenge. With Flipchart you can set up policy documents that ensure employees read, understand and acknowledge them.

Track compliance and non-compliance through the platform and ensure both your business and your employees are protected.

Explore features that make managing policies easy


As employees once ourselves we always felt there was a better way to access company policies

About Us New

Policies that are accessible, interactive and effective

Your employees need guidance and advice when dealing with all manner of different situations. That's why policy documents should be easy to find and written in a clear and user-friendly way. Although your business can be complex, publishing simple and clear policies is a key to success.

Create a safe and productive workplace for all

Company policies are vital in creating a safe and harmonious work environment, be it virtual or physical. Policy documents should be living, breathing documents, updated easily and shared with your workforce regularly. Employees should be able to view changes and contact individuals to ensure they have the latest information at their fingertips.

Protects the most important assets your company has

As consumers of company information ourselves, we feel so strongly about this that we decided to do something about it. For years corporations' go-to for communicating important information has been to use Word, convert to PDF and then upload documents to a maze-like Intranet site hoping employees will know where to look.  

Join our beta program

If you are a progressive, forward-thinking company that is always on the lookout to improve internal communication and gain an upper hand on the competition then you are just the type of company we are looking for! 

Following some great feedback on our alpha launch, we are getting ready to launch our private beta for selected companies. If you wish to take part in this event please share your email below and we'll get in touch.

What you get for taking part?

The entire platform

Free support and consultation

 Help us develop our product roadmap

Feature as a showcase client with free PR

Fancy a sneaky peek?

Can't wait for our full launch? You don't have to. Let us give you a demo!

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