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Working from home

Internal policy documents in
one place, not all over the place.

Create, share and manage all your company documents from one place so they’re easy to find whenever your employees need them.

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The policy management platform for the Instagram generation

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The way we communicate has changed. Not only in our personal lives but also in our professional ones. In this new age of emojis, images, videos, likes, swipes and shares all on mobile phones you need a new, more effective way to manage and communicate your policies. 

One click is all you need

Flipchart makes it easy to create and share internal policy documents regardless of the number of employees you have.

Create your content and, with one-click, share it across your entire organisation to ensure important employee policies are never missed.


Employee engagement

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Protecting your business and your employees requires you and them to be compliant with company policies. Track employee compliance and attestation across all your policies.

Employees can also engage with subject matter experts and managers in your business through Flipchart where they can ask questions with answers shared with everyone in your organisation, helping to create a culture of communication and clarity.

Peace of mind for everyone

Provide fast and easy access to all your internal policy documents through an intuitive search engine ensuring staff have access to the most up-to-date policy information when they need it most.

Set reminders and notifications to staff when actions become overdue, helping ensure everyone is following company policy with the ability to audit and evidence compliance.

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Policy management that helps your employees work better

Finding important company information can be challenging and frustrating. Create, manage and share your policies in one location, and make searching easy and stress-free for your employees.

Well-maintained policy documents set out the responsibilities for both employees and the employer to help avoid costly non-compliance issues and employee tribunals.

Policy management software can help your organisation run like a well-oiled machine. Making sure everyone is working from the same script means less friction in the everyday running of your business. 

About Us

Policies that are accessible, interactive and effective

Your employees need guidance and advice when dealing with all manner of different situations.


That's why policy documents should be easy to find and written in a clear and user-friendly way. Although your business can be complex, publishing simple and clear policies is a key to success.

Create a safe and productive workplace for all

Company policies are vital in creating a safe and harmonious work environment, be it virtual or physical.


Policy documents should be living, breathing documents, updated easily and shared with your workforce regularly. Employees should be able to view changes and contact individuals to ensure they have the latest information at their fingertips.

Protect your most important assets

As consumers of company information ourselves, we feel so strongly about this that we decided to do something about it.


For years corporations' go-to for communicating important information has been to use Word, convert to PDF and then upload documents to a maze-like Intranet site hoping employees will know where to look.  


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