Discover how companies can use Flipchart and improve the way they manage their policy documents

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Human Resources

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Internal IT

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Facilities Management

How teams use Flipchart

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Policy Template Library

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Browse and use our predefined policy templates to quickly and easily create and share policy documents.

Custom Branding

Customise your policy documents with your own style and branding guidelines.

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Team Collaboration

Invite your team to collaborate to create policy documents together with cool collaboration features.

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Activity Wall

Keep your employees up to date every time your create or update company policies through the Activity Wall.

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Media Library

Capture all your multimedia content in a single location and reuse across all your policy documents

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Suggest Content

Truly connect with your employees and crowd source your content through suggested content 

Human Resources

Employee Code of Conduct

Travel and Expense Policy

Leave and Time-off Benefits

Equal Opportunities Policy

Recruitment Policy

Performance Management

Internal IT

Facilities Management

Health and Safety Policy

Environmental Policy

Workplace Policy

Construction Management

Building Maintenance

Security Policy

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Social MediaArtboard 2_4x-8.png

Remote Access

Vendor Access

BYOD Policy

Acceptable Use Policy

Information Security

Internet Usage Policy